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Nicolausi!!!! XD

Date: December 6th, 2007 (!!!!) XDDD

Mood: looool maddish XD ... but tired ....

Music: none


Hey everyone!

It`s been a very long time since I last posted an entry. But today I don`t have to learn anything and so I`ll be able to write some lines.

The last week I didn`t sleep very well. Actually only 4-5 hours a night. And I`m a person who needs very much sleep ... so I`m a bit out of order but of course I`m a very decent pupil and decent pupils`ll learn for their biology test. So I learned `til 12 o` clock on sunday and monday. On tuesday I chilled out XD! And yesterday I learned for my physic test, which was today. It was okay! I think I`ll get a quiet good mark.

In the next two weeks we`ll write another 5 tests: social studies, religion, german, french and maths (on the last schoolday before christmas holidays and before church service o_O??) Well...

Okay I have to sleep now. *yawn*

Have to get up early tomorrow!


Bai cha!



6.12.07 23:13

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